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Where On Earth Do You Want To Be?

You are about to be let in on one of the vacation industry's best kept secrets that allows it's members to travel like royalty for pennies on the dollar. No, it's not a timeshare, in fact, timeshare owners are falling all over themselves to rid themselves of the annual maintenance fees. Timeshare owners are also pigeon holed into their one week a year, and if they want more it will cost them more in exchange fees. 
For more than 23 years this " Exclusive Resort Vacation Membership Club" has saved it's members Thousands of Dollars on their vacations. This unique vacation membership has been sold by "invitation only"  presentations, much like timeshares are sold. Those exclusive memberships sold for $10,000 and up, but not anymore.
Thanks to an exclusive marketing agreement with MOR Vacations, you can purchase this luxury vacation membership for a price that has never before been offered!  And the perks of this high end luxury vacation membership brought to you by MOR Vacations far outweigh anything a timeshare has to offer, hands down. 

Benifits You Can Believe In
  •         High-End Exclusive Resort Vacation Membership
  •         Product Established in mid 1980's
  •         More Than 5400 Resort Locations Worldwide
  •         Exclusive Condos and Luxury Homes
  •         Over 100,000 current members
  •         Short Notice Vacations-From$149 For 7 Days
  •         52 Week Access, No Blocked Periods 
  •         No Blackout Dates,Travel As Often As You Like
  •         Unlimited Guest Passes
  •          Exclusive V.I.P. Vacation Destinations 

Benifits You Can Bank On
  •        This is A One Time Purchase
  •        You Get More Than A Lifetime Membership With Mor
  •        Your Membership is Part Of Your Estate To Pass On 
  •        There Are NO Annual Fee's
  •        There Are NO Maintenance Fee's
  •        There Are NO Property Taxes
  •        There Are NO Exchange or Swap Fees
  •        All With A Plan To Fit Any Buget  

REALLY,  "Why would you want to stay home?"  Can you stay at home for $149.00 a week?  Your SHORT NOTICE VACATIONS are posted every month as HOT WEEKS. Many of these are within driving distance. These are not Motel6 locations. Many are 4 and 5 star luxury resorts in some of the most prestigious locations available. MOR Vacations Members have access to a registry of over 5400 luxury resorts worldwide. These are some of the finest resorts available that most people would not be able to afford or gain access to unless they are members. And they are not just hotel rooms, suites and condos, there are 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses available! You could double up with friends and family members and save even more on your vacations! And if you utilize the optional VIP Service you will receive other high end services such as concierge service and travel rebates available for members only. Just click>> MORVACATIONS <<  to view your Vacation Headquarters.

"Choose Your Plan Today"
·        Option A: $3998 Diamond Lifetime Membership
This is a $498 down payment and then $98 a month
(Low credit score ok, minimum score of 449 necessary)

  • Option B: $3498 Diamond Lifetime Membership
This is a $998 down payment and then $194 a month
(Low credit score ok, minimum score of 449 necessary)

  • Option C: $2997 - Diamond Lifetime Membership
This is a $2997 payment with no financing.
(Huge Discount For Paying In Full)

  • Option D: $1298 - Emerald 5 Year Membership
This is a 5 year membership, hotweeks will be no lower than $249. No Guest Passes. Not Transferable.

DJ DIZZY DOC HERE, As the former managing editor of Nitelife International, as well as an independent A&R, I did a lot of terrible and expensive travel. Over the years, I have promoted a lot of products; that's my job. Promoting Members Only Resort Vacations, is a pleasure. This is truly the most bonafide product opportunity I have ever taken part in. No stone has been left unturned by this 23 year old company to see that you are afforded the VERY BEST travel experience of your life. I enrolled for  personal enjoyment but became enamored with the wonderful people who founded and run this organization. So it is with pride that I have joined to promote Members Only as the authority on travel.

By all means don't fail to pass up this membership that will endure with your family for generations to come. If you have been looking for the right product to promote, I can tell you, you will be equally thrilled with the business opportunity. Everything you need to succeed is here, but you.

Just contact me in the form below. I will be glad to assist you,  Doc